Creating a solid foundation for a healthier future

by KARRI Project’s Mission is to create a healthier future starting with our very young. Our goal is to help cultivate good health habits to take into adulthood.

MY why

Hi, I’m the Founder of by KARRI Project. My mission is to create a healthier future, one child at a time.  Having overcome my own challenges with Crohns and managed to stay very fit and healthy, I find myself compelled to help others overcome a challenge or just achieve optimum health aswell. 

The real motivation to beat my Crohns, was to avoid cancer.  My GI doctor predicted that would be an outcome due to having an autoimmune disease.  Around the time he threatened me with this (20 plus years ago) I was introduced to the alkaline diet; “cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment” was the motto.  Hard to grasp the concept, HOWEVER, consuming raw whole plant foods could only be a  good thing, right?  So a disciplined regimen of consuming a lot of raw plant based foods and (this is very key) exercising daily, is what helped beat this disease. Today, I’m symptom and medication free; as forementioned, fit and healthy.

Interestingly though, I had no idea as to the real ‘why’ behind what I was doing and ‘why’ it was effective.  Now, with this climate of COVID and all the talk about immune compromised I wanted to understand what that meant, given the fact I did have an autoimmune disease.  I actually never gave it much thought.
So I delved in, I did all my research through NCBI Pubmed which repeatedly talked about innate immune NK cells, how they form the first line of defense, how they seek out and destroy diseased cells (tumor growth and viruses) BEFORE they multiply and do us harm.

I then researched further, to understand what makes them thrive and be effective to fight for our well-being, and it’s not rocket science, it’s healthy eating and exercise. That’s when the Ninja armies were created in my mind, wielding bananas and asparagus speers as weapons.

Frankly, we all know this, we have been preached it all our lives, but by creating this tanglible image of these miniature armies that fight to protect us from viruses, provides a whole different perspective.  You now have this visual of what the immune system is and does, not just some arbitrary word (if you are not in that field of study) We need to Feed Our Ninjas, through proper nutrition, daily physical activity and by eating less junk food.   Other ways that promote immune health… positive emotions such as acts of kindness (what you feel by giving) and gratitude (what you feel by receiving or being thankful). 

It turns out, these little characters captivate the children and inspire them to make sure they feed them enough good choice foods, eat less of the not so good choices and give them plenty of physical activity, I was thrilled at the result of my creation.  

The Feed Your Ninjas movement is really about self-care for, mind, body and soul.
Please, Feed Your Ninjas.

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Also, check out the links in the Reseach section. I am just the messenger to help others understand that, in many cases, we have control over our health.




supporting our mission

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heartfelt thanks to our sponsors

Pioneering the ‘You Too, Can Help Make A Difference’

We would like to give a special thank you to CottageCare who believed in our mission and was our very first sponsor donor. Their integrity in business and as humans is an example of what we all should strive for.  A great company to hire or to work for.  Also, Thank you to Baille our State Farm Agency owner, her team is always so responsive and helpful.
One last mention for anyone needing graphic design…Zapp is amazing.

Books come with Stickers and a Scavenger Hunt Sheet.

If you are a company or organization that would like to dedicate books as your philanthropic endeavor to celebrate and contribute to our childrens future health, please get in touch.  We have several partner children’s nonprofits waiting in anticipation to add the books as part of their empowerment program.


CUSTOMER Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers say:

“This fun little BOOK and STICKER SET has inspired our kiddos to ask questions about healthy foods.  They use the stickers on the activity in the back of the book and stick them on good choice snacks and areas where they are reminded to feed their Ninjas


“My 3 year old has taken to these warriors, she is so into wanting to feed them ‘good choice’ foods and she doesn’t want sweets anymore?! She’s also super active as she is intent on keeping her Ninja’s focused.”

Sarah T

“What a wonderful book you’ve created.  My daughter loves the Ninjas it even has my husband thinking.  It definitely has created conversation around the dinner table.


We provide resources, information and encouragement to take control of your health.

Innate immune system

Natural killer (NKcells are innate lymphocytes, are our white blood cells, which are manufactured in the bone marrow and found in blood and lymph fluid. These ‘innate’ cells represent the first line of defense against tumor cells and viral infections.  NK cells are extremely important in the antiviral immune response as a deficiency increases the susceptibility to viral diseases. Also…relating to both viral and tumor growth, is exercise…

“Exercise controls tumor growth through epinephrine-dependent mobilization of NK cells, stressing the importance of intensity driven exercise in tumor control”.

What we researched

Our commitment was focused on the fight against cancer and then COVID-19 took center stage. Our Pivot recently stepped up to show that feeding your Immune System will allow your Innate and Adaptive cells to ward off disease and viruses.
We will be relentless in our mission to share our findings as proof that eating plant foods, certain proteins, and a wealth of physical activity is so relevant to keeping you healthy. 


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